How many projects does Dancore run at once?

We will only run a select amount of projects at any given time as this allows us to give our clients the absolute best of our time. This in turn enables us to focus on providing a tailored approach offering expert attention to detail whilst successfully meeting build deadlines and exceeding our clients expectations.

Why should we choose Dancore over a larger contractor for our build?

It is as simple as this, the bigger the contractor the bigger the overheads. In our previous experience, it has been evident that homeowners much prefer spending funds on creating their dream home rather than unnecessary levels of expensive middle management. We provide each and every one of our clients with a premium personlised package that large contractors would struggle to execute to our standards.

Why should we choose Dancore over a smaller contractor for our build?

A contractor that can only conduct one project at one time does not acquire the capital, time or resources as we do to productively carry out the project accurately or professionally.

What size projects does Dancore take on?

At Dancore we are comprised of an extensive and knowledgeable team qualified to manage a multitude of projects ranging from minor renovations, second-floor additions, brand new builds and large multiple residential blocks.

When can you start?

Please contact us today on 0414 463 691  and the Dancore team will commence working with you on your specified project immediately.